European Commission reaches agreement on Renewable Energy target with Parliament and Council, ahead of speaking at Benelux Infrastructure Forum 2018

SMi Reports: The European Commission, Parliament and Council have reached anagreement for increasing renewable energy use in Europe, as the European Commission prepares to speak at the 17th annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum.

In recent news, a political agreement was reached in June last month between the European Commission, Parliament and Council on increasing renewable energy use in Europe, which also includes a binding renewable energy target for the European Union of 32% by the year 2030.

The agreement will give Europe the opportunity to continue to lead the fight against climate change, in the clean energy transition and in meeting its goals set by the Paris Agreement. The agreement will hopefully encourage public and private investment in innovation and modernisation in all key sectors.

By supporting the transition to renewable energy, the EU decreases dependence on imported fossil fuels and makes energy production more sustainable. In addition, the renewable energy industry drives technological innovation, as well as employment across Europe.*

The above agreement shows the commitment European countries have made to increasing the production of renewable energy, which opens up the conversation to the opportunities and current projects in sustainable investments, as well as the means of financing them.

SMi’s 17th annual Benelux Infrastructure Forum, taking place 21 – 22 November in Amsterdam, will be further opening up the conversation about future sustainable investments, as well as the financing mechanisms associated, in the Benelux region.

Michael Feith, Policy Advisor for DG Economic & Financial Affairs at the European Commission is set to speak and share his views at this year’s forum, discussing “Exploring Novel EU Financing Options for Infrastructure Projects in the Benelux Region”. Mr Feith will focus on topics relating to the European Fund for Strategic Investments (2nd generation), shortfalls in investment transparency, strategic investments outlook, and after 2021: EU Considerations on project funding in the next budgetary term.

Delegates will have the exclusive opportunity of joining Mr Feith as well as 15 more expert speakers at this industry-leading event. With so many exciting projects being planned and undertaken, particularly offshore wind projects, the Benelux region is paving the way to a sustainable future.

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Benelux Infrastructure Forum
21st – 22nd November 2018
Apollo Hotel Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands 

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